Christmas offer

Christmas holidays are fast approaching, and if you are like us, you will surely want to take advantage of the free days to get on the road, discover the magic of the holidays in a wonderful place.
Podina Resort is pleased to present your 2018 Christmas special offer
Prices per room per night are as follows (prices include buffet breakfast):
* Double / Twin room 200 Ron for one night
* Triple Room 230 Ron for one night
* Apartment 250 Ron for one night


* 23.12.2018 - 16: 00 Christmas tree decoration (one tree will be adorned in the restaurant and one in the hotel reception).
* 24.12.2018 You will have unforgettable memories, if you choose for such a walk, sleigh that slips easily on the village village drawn by two great horses in addition you have the opportunity to go to one of the families that respect the tradition there you will warm yourself with a glass a palinca or a glass of homemade wine or visit the wooden church of the village built in the 15th century. 18 th century with the patron saint Archangels Mihail and Gavril.
- 12: 00 One hour walk with sled (cart)
- 14: 00 One hour walk with sled (cart)
- 16: 00 One hour walk with sled (cart)

Price: 250 Ron / route (maximum 7 people). Please reserve in time to ensure your place.

In case you book for minimum 5 nights this activity is free of charge.

* 24.12.2018 - 18: 00 Festive Christmas dinner buffet with traditional dishes and unbleached palinca and homemade wine in a family atmosphere where we will be delighted with the area's specific carols.
This evening, the restaurant kitchen will be available for menu commands only until 17: 00, after which the festive meal is being prepared.
100 Ron for adults, 50 Ron for children.

* 24.12.2018 - 19: 30 Upon your choosing, waiting for the caroling or leaving with the carol (framing in the area of ​​the caroling area)
* 25.12.2018 - Party with traditional Romanian music to which the villagers will be dressed in a popular port. (the entry is free)
* 26.12.2018 - Departure to Ski Cavnic (1 wheel, medium length, length 920m, equipped with ski lift and night)

Ensure transport - departure at 10: 00
- Return to 17: 00
Price: 80 Ron (including transport of equipment in a trailer, if applicable, minimum 8 people).

Please confirm at the reception the day before.
Christmas in here is a unique experience, which will not be forgotten. People’s hospitality and kindness, delicious dishes, beautiful scenery, and most of all the unique traditions from this area of the country will be the elements of a fairy holiday.