We want to make sure that our guests can enjoy the beautiful location and make the most of their stay, we are constantly updating our range of activities.
Below is the most popular list:


Half day walking trip with traditionally prepared lunch served outdoor in the Stone Valley

We know all the hiking in the area and we have experienced guides that will make your trip much more exciting and obvious, lighter, we offer you an exciting hike on the trails traveled by our elders to discover together the mysteries of the transhumance process, one of
phenomena still preserved in the village of Ungureni. Here you will have the opportunity to taste their traditional dairy and sheep meat, hiking will end at our animal farm where we will offer you a traditional picnic in a relaxing atmosphere within a special natural landscape.
"Lust comes eating," a saying often heard from the shepherd's mouth makes you sit at the table. Telemea, curd, urchin, bellflower, ninety, pastrame, are some of the dishes that are placed next to a peanut on the fireplace, make you mouth water.

Start: 10 after breakfast Approximate return: 3.30 - 4.00 pm

Price: 100 RON / day / per person (minimum 4 pers)
* Reservation is made at least 3 days ahead

Pig on a spit/BBQ in the Stone Valley

You can enjoy and relax in nature, surrounded by your loved ones, enjoying a beer. Waiting for the pig to rust is a relaxing way to spend with your loved ones.
For those who do not want to order pigs at the barbecue, we have at their disposal the barbecue that is in the resort to prepare our own meals.
All ingredients and drink are included in the package price.

The price varies depending on the season, the available places and the need to be set.
* Reservation is made with minimum 3 days ahead.

You can choose the following options for your package:
1. Pig on a spit
2. Gulas at the cauldron
3. Barbecue: pork / lamb / chicken

The package will include:
Bacon, Cashew, Frozen Potatoes, Mixed Salad, Cabbage Salad, Bread
Mustard, Kethup, Still water
Soft drinks: bottle of 2 liter juice per person 5
Beer: 3 per person
Wine: 1 bottle for 4 people

Riding (horses and ponies)

Horseback riding is a soothing activity with noble, powerful and meticulous animals. You can not compare the feeling you have when you are on a horse's saddle, deep breathing the fresh air.

Children Advanced: 30 minute ride outside of the farm with instructor: 40 Ron per child
Advanced children: 30 minutes of horseback riding in the forest with instructor: 40 RON / child
Adults Beginners: 30 minute lesson on the farm: 65 RON Ron per person
Adults Advanced: 30 minute ride outside of the farm, with instructor: 65 Ron per person.

To book this activity we require XNUMX days notice, subject to availability Price will depend of option chosen and will vary from season to season.

Carriage ride

Enjoy our beautiful village in style! One hour-long tranquil ride in our horse drawn carriage with a magnificent pair of black horses dressed up for the occasion.

Price: 150 RON (in case of a 5 day booking is free)
Reservation is made at least one day before.

Jeep tours

For lovers of nature and action, we have prepared 2 adrenaline hours, we have an offroad track in the woods with experienced drivers.

Price: 400 RON / Jeep (maximum 4 people)

To book this activity we require XNUMX days notice, subject to availability Price will depend of option chosen and will vary from season to season.


Camping on our farm with a campfire. We don not provide camping equipment so you must have your own.

Price: 25 Ron / tent / night
40 Ron to provide wood for the campfire

Bike rental

Rent a bicycle and follow the designated cycling route or simply stroll around and explore the area you want.

Price: 20 Ron / bicycle / day

Adventure Park (in work)

Coming soon:
- The Stone Valley Adventure Park!
- Visits to different traditional farms

All activities are conditioned by availability and weather conditions.

Leisure activities:

- Visit of a traditional house of Ungureni village
Visiting the Wooden Church “Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel” from Rogoz; it is one of the most interesting and valuable from Transylvania. The construction dates back in tradition, in 1663, moment sustained by the inscription from the entrance which evokes the Tartar invasion from 1661. This historical monument is written in the World Heritage List.

For more details please let us know contact.

Coming soon:
- Camping in the mountains
- Visits to different traditional farms

Visiting the wooden church of the village; it has a beautiful collection of wooden icons, exhibited on the balcony’s wall, some of which are very old, and a beautiful chandelier in the shape of a cross.